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"Fatal Error Has Occurred" When viewing a form in State Form Auto Fill


Problem: "Fatal error has occurred.  Application will close." when attempting to view a form using the State Form Auto Fill program.


Cause: An invalid character is placed in the form name of the .pdf file when uploaded into the Form Fill program.  The most common invalid character is the slash '/'.



Remove the invalid character from the form name.

1. Log into the 'ISC Central Repository' as an administrator on the server 

2. Choose the 'Forms' tab

3. Locate the form that is producing the error.  The forms can be filtered by number by clicking on the word 'Number' on the column bar.

4.  Select 'Edit' on the form that needs to be changed

5. In the 'Form Name' section, remove any slashes in the name.  If needed, replace with a dash '-' in the name.

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