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Unable to Email Documents from ApplicationXtender Document Manager


Unable to Email Documents from ApplicationXtender Document Manager

Problem: When attempting to email a document displayed in ApplicationXtender Document Manager, the Mail Document Pages option is unavailable. 

Cause: Incorrect values for two registry keys 

Correction: Delete incorrect registry keys 

Modifying the registry can have negative consequences. As always make a backup before making changes in the registry. 

1. Open Regedit 

2. Browse to the following registry keys

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\IniFileMapping\win.ini
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\IniFileMapping\win.ini

3. If the (Default) key data value in not set to (value not set), delete the (Default) value key by right clicking and choosing delete. Modifying the Data value will not work. You must delete the (Default) key.

4. Repeat for the other registry key. 

5. Restart the PC after making the above changes.

--Update by Marco--

If that does not work, edit file "win.ini" and make sure that "[Mail]" & "MAPI=1" are showing in that file. If not, then add them in on separate lines and save the file. The Mail option should now be available in AX.

 --End Update--

Below are some additional steps to perform is the above steps do not resolve the issue.




In Document Manager:

1. Click on the configuration button "the hammer".

2. Highlight the "E-Mail" tab.

3. At the bottom of this screen , under Vendor, make sure "Microsoft (MAPI32)" is checked.

If this option is correct, move to the second step.


The following steps must be done to resolve this issue:
1. The first step is to make sure you have a MAPI-based email client configured as your default client.
To do this, enter Internet Explorer properties and select the ‘Programs’ Tab. Make sure ‘Microsoft Office Outlook’ or ‘Outlook Express’ is selected. If this option is correct, move to the second step.

a. Make sure the file MAPI32.dll exists in the system folder (Usually under 'C:\WINDOWS\system32').
b. Under WINDOWS directory find the win.ini file and back it up to a different name (e.g. Win.bak).
c. From the Start menu, click on Run and type msconfig at the command line.
d. The system configuration utility will open. Click on the WIN.INI tab and in the main window expand the MAIL section.
e. Make sure that under the MAIL section the MAPI value is set to '1'. If it is not, click the edit button and change it to MAPI=1.

f. Click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’

Note: You might need to restart your PC.


2. If the MAIL section be missing, open the win.ini file (Usually under 'C:\WINDOWS') with Notepad and make sure the following exists, otherwise add it and save changes:



Note: If the WIN.INI tab in the system configuration utility is empty, make sure there is a win.ini file in 'C:\WINDOWS'. If there is not, copy it from your machine to the same location and resume the above steps.




ApplicationXtender-Unable-to-Email-Documents.pdf ApplicationXtender-Unable-to-Email-Documents.pdf

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