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"Fatal Error Has Occurred" When logging into State Form Auto Fill


"Fatal error has occurred.  Application will close" is displayed when logging into State Form Auto Fill Program.



When attempting to log into State Form Auto Fill, a fatal error is encountered and the application closes.



1. The Web Service URL has an incorrect path

2. The Default Save Location has an incorrect path

3. The user does not have the proper rights to the Default Save Location path



Correct the configuration settings in State Form Auto Fill by launching the program.  When the login dialog box is displayed, choose File and Configuration.

With the Configuration window displayed review the following: 


1.  That the 'Web Service URL' that it is set to:


     Note: <<SERVER_NAME>> needs to be replaced with your county's server name

2. Review the 'Default Save Location' is set to:

C:\Temp or C:\TrueIT


C:\ISC_FormFill (for V3)

3. That the user has the proper security access to the C:\Temp and the C:\TrueIT folders




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